Brigadier General Kevin J. Jacobsen

I speak for our Nation and for every American today, when I say America would not be the country we love were it not for the patriotic sacrifice of men and women like Master Sergeant Tara Brown.

Tara had many titles, among them wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. Professionally, she is known as a Master Sergeant (or Senior Non-Commissioned Officer),  and like many of us, her current work title was described by one simple word: Airman. The word “airman” has a special meaning and carries with it a special creed. Tara embodied the Airman’s creed.

She was an American Airman.
She was a Warrior.
She answered her Nation’s call.
She was a Guardian of Freedom and Justice,
Her Nation’s sword and shield,
It’s sentry and avenger.
She defended her country with her life.

Tara made the Air Force and OSI better through her service. She was an extremely talented Client Support Administrator and a selfless mentor. She aggressively pursued excellence in everything she did. She was known for her frontline leadership and was recognized by her peers as she was elected Treasurer of the Gator Booster Club – and even acted as Club President!

She was always helping others, and looking for avenues to make things better. Her volunteerism is legendary throughout OSI, When not on duty, she cared for hospitalized veterans, assisted abused women, organized a cleanup of the Air Force Memorial, washed the Vietnam Wall Memorial, volunteered for Mississippi Gulf Coast Heart Walk – her efforts accumulated $450K for American Heart Association. Tara was always part of office committees organizing holiday parties and charitable events.

OSI is (and always has been) a family- oriented organization, small in size, tightly bonded in common purpose. Our OSI family grows together, celebrates together, and sometimes tragically, mourns and grieves together. We have lost one of our VERY best. Tara, you will surely and sorely be missed.

I speak for the Air Force and OSI when I say that the devoted service of this woman (AIRMAN), will never be forgotten, and that we stand ready to be of help, in ever possible way, to the family of our fallen hero. Her contributions, courage and spirit will last forever and shine as a beacon of strength for us all.

Master Sergeant Tara Brown will always be honored and never forgotten. May GOd hold her in his loving arms forever.