Major Pamela Jessen, USAF

I met MSgt. Tara Brown in October, 2010 when we started our pre-deployment training. She and I had an immediate connection and became great friends. When she arrived in Afghanistan a few weeks after me, it was like a ray of sunshine had arrived to dark, dreary land. Tara had an amazing ability to make everybody around ... More

Sgt. Tim Woznow, 442 Squadron RCAF

I first met Tara around February/March of 2011 in the O Cob section of Camp KAIA Kabul Afghanistan. As 1 of 10 Canadian airmen of the Royal Canadian Air Force, we were employed and imbedded with 738 Air Expeditionary Advisor Squadron. The first day I met Tara, she greeted us with open arms and that infectious smile of ... More

R. Max Grindstaff, Former Command Chief, 438th AEW

I was Tara's Command Chief in Kabul from May 2010 – 2011, and I got to know Tara fairly well. I very much enjoyed my time with her and I don't need to remind you what a bright light she was, and how absolutely great a person and leader she was. I walked out of the Afghan HQ building on April 27th at about 9:45am, and ... More

CMSgt. William Kelly

I am William Kelly and I am a Special Agent assigned to the Directorate of Personnel. I first met Tara when she was assigned to the Directorate of Operations. I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and attitude. Later, after she was assigned to the DP she was often in my office, usually fixing something I had ... More

Master Sergeant Denyse S. Gordon

Short, sweet and always smiling! These are the words that always come to mind every time I think of Tara. Tara and I met in Germany while I was stationed there from 1999 – 2001. I was in charge of the base Honor Guard and SrA Jacobs was part of my squad. Tara may have been short in stature, but she was such a huge ... More

Col. Bob Trayers

I first met Tara when I arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan in February 2011, where I was her squadron commander. I clearly remember the first time I walked into her office and met Tara and her boss, Major Phil Ambard. Two amazing people that everyone loved...two amazing people whose lives ended way too soon. Tara had a ... More

Lt Col (Ret) Sally Stenton

  MSgt Tara Jacobs Brown was a woman of substance. She was smart, dedicated and patriotic. She believed education was exceptionally important and a post secondary was the key to not just professional success, but professional happiness. She was a leader at work and among her friends. WHile an Air Advisor, ... More

Brigadier General Kevin J. Jacobsen

I speak for our Nation and for every American today, when I say America would not be the country we love were it not for the patriotic sacrifice of men and women like Master Sergeant Tara Brown. Tara had many titles, among them wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. Professionally, she is known as a Master ... More

Chief Master Sergeant (ret.) Chris Redmond

In the days leading up to the 2010 master sergeant promotion release, I had talked to Tara about her prospects for the selection. She flashed her ever-present smile and said she was too nervous to even think about it. In fact, she told me, she as going to take leave the day before release of the promotion results because ... More

Master Sergeant Sonya Couture

Tara and I first met in Air Advisor Course in Ft. Dix, N.J. I liked her right away and loved her "sassy" style. Tara had a way of standing out from others; her personality absolutely lit up a room and made it sparkle. She was very excited about two things; her recent marriage and her upcoming deployment. She and several of ... More