Sgt. Tim Woznow, 442 Squadron RCAF

I first met Tara around February/March of 2011 in the O Cob section of Camp KAIA Kabul Afghanistan. As 1 of 10 Canadian airmen of the Royal Canadian Air Force, we were employed and imbedded with 738 Air Expeditionary Advisor Squadron. The first day I met Tara, she greeted us with open arms and that infectious smile of hers. We had an awesome working relationship with all of our American brothers and sisters in arms. We worked together as if we had been working together as one for years. The only difference was the uniform and flag on uniforms.

Tara had lots of friends there. I distinctly remember Tenicia, as we volunteered to work the marathon run in Camp KAIA. You and all the fine people of Florida can be extremely proud of Tara, and her distinguished USAF career that was cut too short.

November 11th is Remembrance Day here in Canada. This is our Day to honor all of Canada’s war dead. Since April of 2011, I have said a special prayer on behalf of Tara and will continue to do so. We wear the red poppy for the first 2 weeks of November to ensure we remember all of our war dead, plus our allies. Tara has a special place here in Canada to be remembered.