Senior Master Sergeant (ret.) Duaine Trotman

Two things will forever stay with me as far as Tara is concerned; First: her love for life and those who were blessed by her presence. Second: her positive, unyielding, "can-do under any circumstances" attitude was contagious; her work ethic and relentless study for master sergeant exemplified not only this but her ... More

Staff Sergeant Baseemah Scott

Tara and Ernest met about 11 years ago – they were best friends until he proposed to her last year (2010), and they became husband and wife. She was so happy! We would have one of our talks in the hallway and in the middle of our conversation (we could have been talking about something totally different) she would say "I ... More

Chief Master Sergeant Michael Tanguay

Tara was a Giants fan; I'm a Cowboys fan. She'd wear that Brandon Jacobs jersey with so much pride that I couldn't help but pick on her. She of course gave back as much as I dished. Fall Monday mornings were always fun. She'd dig at my Cowboys and I'd poke at her Giants. She was not a fair weather fain; she knew her team ... More

Special Agent Kevin Sucher

I was one of Tara's instructors as she went through pre-deployment training. I remember Sergeant Brown intently listening and asking questions about the lessons we gave her. She was the type of student who wanted to know the information being provided to her and would perform extremely well as a student. More

Staff Sergeant Sunny Ogbonda

I have never met anyone that was a greater New York Giants fan. I still didn't believe you and told you to name our "O-Line" – because anyone can name the quarterback. You ran through the line in 20 seconds. From that day on I knew you were as serious as I was about the G-Men. I will miss the trash talking during the ... More

Master Sergeant Gisele Boyle

I knew Master Sergeant Tara Brown for seven years. We first worked together in the same aircraft maintenance unit in Alaska. We went TDY for a month together and were inseparable for that whole time. I got to know Tara a lot better, and she was truly a great friend. Tara was such a friendly person. She was also a very ... More

Mr. Mike Cleveland

Master Sgt. Tara Brown was a great NCO, coworker, volunteer, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, and warrior. Tara came to us (manpower and personnel) in June 2009 and continued her outstanding efforts where she was selected as the Command Communications and Information NCO of the Year. Of all her attributes, the on thing ... More

Special Agent John Henderson

I had the honor and pleasure of knowing Master Sgt. Brown during my RFF deployment to Afghanistan in 2008. If there was one thing anyone noticed about Tara right away, it was her smile. It was absolutely infectious. And she was just so much fun to talk to. Whenever I came to the EDET to liaise with my fellow agents, I ... More

Tech Sergeant Bennett Abston

I remember how driven Tara was. She always shot for the stars and inspired me to do so. We were each other's "relief persons." I once relieved Tara from a deployment in Saudi Arabia and she was my relief when I departed AFOSI DP and PCS'd to the Pentagon. I'll miss you, Tara. More

Master Sergeant Sonya L. Couture

I knew MSgt Tara Brown from the beginning of our training to prepare for our Kabul deployment. In the fall of 2010, our paths crossed and I am so very thankful I was a part of her life for the short time we had together. Tara was a wonderful NCO, but also just shined from the inside out as a person. She exhibited ... More